Grease Sing-Along at the Million Dollar Theatre Los Angeles

ImageOn February 18th, Grand Central Market is hosting a dinner and then a screening sing-along of Grease next door at the iconic Million Dollar Theatre to celebrate John Travolta’s 60th birthday.

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Retro-Futuristic Encounter Restaurant – Closed


This building is an iconic landmark for LAX.  The restaurant interior reminded me of the “Jetsons”.  The food was average but a bit pricey for what you got.  It was the type of place you visited once and said,”Done that”.  This structure is definitely not going anywhere so I hope the new operators put in place a restaurant that delivers a unique dining experience.

Toi on Sunset

Image I went to the Comedy store last night to watch a friend perform and after the show we all met up at this great Hollywood hang out, Toi on Sunset.   Regulars include Quentin Tarantino and Vin Diesel.  This place is small eclectic thai shop with great pad thai and wontons and the decor totally fits in with the Hollywood vibe.

Here is the address:
7505 1/2 Sunset Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Breakfast at Tiffany’s…50 years later…still a timeless classic.

This movie is a story of a party girl crossing paths with a gigolo.  The picture is impeccable and the sound track from Henry Mancini is simply perfect.  This film is truly a timeless classic.

If you’re looking for a simple pleasure, look up the American Cinematheque.  They show classic films on the big screen and it makes for a fun evening out.

Canter’s Deli, Los Angeles

In 1931, the Canter’s brothers opened the landmark Canter’s deli in Los Angeles, which has sold more than 7 million pounds of pastrami and more than 10 million matzo balls.

I highly recommend the pastrami on rye.

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